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We build the world’s highest-quality technology to identify logos in images and videos.

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Our technology’s roots lie at Google and ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Albert Einstein is perhaps the most famous alumnus of this prestigious institute.




Luca Boschin

CEO and Board Member

Luca is the business leader for LogoGrab and the driver behind our international expansion. Luca has extensive expertise commercializing artificial intelligence solutions. Prior to LogoGrab, Luca co-founded Fighissimo, a firm specialising in the development of computer vision solutions.


Alessandro Prest, PhD

CTO and Board Member

Alessandro leads the LogoGrab technology team. Alessandro is a former Google researcher in artificial intelligence and computer vision at the prestigious ETH Institute. He has undertaken multiple research positions in several institutions and has extensive experience in delivering artificial intelligence solutions to different markets.


Brendan McDonagh

Chairman of the Board

Brendan is the founder and CEO of Clariet, which provides early stage investment, mentoring and management consultancy services to emerging high potential technology companies. Prior to this Brendan was the co-founder and CEO of Arantech, the market leader in providing customer experience management solutions to mobile network operators worldwide. Arantech was acquired by Danaher Corp. in April 2009.


GIacomo Bernasconi

Board Member

Giacomo is the CEO of SWIX Family Office. Formerly a Vice President at Credit Suisse, as member of Premium Client group of Credit Suisse Private Banking he has extensive advisory experience with UHNWI, entrepreneurs and executives.


Debbie Rennick

Board Observer

Debbie is a Director of ACT Venture Capital and has been active in corporate finance and venture capital investing for 20 years. Her investment focus is on software, healthcare and media. ACT Venture has worked on creating and building companies for over 15 years and has invested over €370 million to date.


Hugh O’Neill

Board Observer

Hugh is a partner with Hogan & Associates, where he specialises in the provision of services to companies engaged in the high-tech sector. Hugh has assisted companies including Newbay Software, AMCS, Cicero Networks, Altobridge, WhatClinic.com and Homestays.com in raising over €50 million euro in venture capital funding over the last few years.


Paddy Holahan


Paddy is an experienced manager, technology entrepreneur and angel investor. In 2002, he founded NewBay which grew to become the leader in cloud digital lifestyle solutions for operators and was acquired by RIM (Blackberry) in October 2011. Paddy was previously the chairman of Web Reservations International (Hostelworld.com).


Ottonel Popesco


Ottonel is the Chairman of travel tech leader lastminute.com and the CEO of Cavotec SA, a NASDAQ OMX listed company. Ottonel has extensive experience managing multinational enterprises and specifically in expansion into new, emerging markets.

In the press

CNBC - The Rundown with Pauline Chiou
Millennials – Luca Boschin of LogoGrab describes how his company is capturing brand insights for the visual age.
Marketing has emerged as one of the most fertile areas of AI exploration. AI’s capacity to transform marketing is obscured by a fog of hype, but the breakthroughs are real. Marketing technology leaders need to engage in AI initiatives or risk being blindsided by disruptive AI-enabled competition.
Ireland's Well-Placed for AI Explosion. LogoGrab recently launched its service internationally after attracting $2.5 million in funding; through AI algorithms, it is helping businesses such as McDonald’s identify usage of their logos on social media. The company is one of 87 AI startups launched in Ireland over the past few years.
Exponential growth in the use of images on social media is behind the growing demand for image recognition technology, including that offered by LogoGrab. Dublin-based company’s product has been designed to scan millions of images and videos on social media and identify the specific brand logo that users want to find.
And for those of you plying the content marketing space, look to visual content marketing, i.e., using images to drive brand awareness/commerce. Look no further than the fastest-growing social networks — Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr — to understand why – LogoGrab.
Far out technology that marketers must see. This technology turns any company's logo into a multimedia portal simple by letting a consumer snap a picture.
J. Walter Thompson Intelligence
As a brand, advertiser, or any business, you need to be able to understand what happens with that content in order to either measure or monetize it.
Yahoo Finance
LogoGrab, the world's best technology to identify brands in images and videos.
Irish Times
Through two years of R&D at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, whose graduates include Albert Einstein, the technology required to make instant brand image recognition possible has come about.
Irish Examiner
Winning the Irish Software Association Emerging Company of the Year Award has helped Dublin company LogoGrab see 2016 out with a bang.
LogoGrabs tool allows consumers access product information and offers by scanning a brand logo on their smartphone.

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