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Featured Customer – LogoGrab Brand Detection API

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Earshot Logo

Brand Detection API: Earshot

  • Earshot are ahead of the competition and a leader in monitoring the new age of communication, with over 5 million images being processed per month for clients like Anheuser-Busch and Spotify.
  • Earshot decided to use LogoGrab based on its superior technology and higher level precision.
  • API integration took between 1- 2 days and was a very easy process.
  • "LogoGrab’s x3 times higher precision rate means that the tiniest logo can be found even in the most difficult circumstances" – CTO, Earshot

Featured Customers – LogoGrab Mobile Engagment

KFC Logo

KFC – Add Hope Campaign

Delivering Hope Through Mobile Engagement

  • Total donation of $110,000 collected during one month of the campaign.
  • 20% increase in sales of KFC buckets.
  • ROI 10X achieved through innovation on mobile.

increase in sales
during the campaign
Heineken Logo

Heineken – James Bond Spectre

Global activation campaign

  • $64 million campaign in 55 countries using LogoGrab’s unique, patented technology.
  • Heineken invited their customers to “open Bond’s world” by simply grabbing the limited-edition Spectre bottles.
  • Over 200,000 entries throughout the three-month campaign.
  • Incentive–driven engagement in the US with the reward of cinema tickets from Fandango.

This yielded a 4x increase in engagement with consumers.
  • 10% increase in sales during the campaign
engagement increase
on social channels
McDonalds Logo

McDonald’s – Icon Club campaign

  • LogoGrab built a consumer engagement platform for McDonald’s to ‘hero’ their menu icons
  • 200,000 downloads of the mobile app within one month
  • 7.5 million social impressions from the media
  • 50,000 tracks uploaded
  • 50% engagement increase on social channels