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CNBC - The Rundown with Pauline Chiou
Millennials – Luca Boschin of LogoGrab describes how his company is capturing brand insights for the visual age.
Far out technology that marketers must see. This technology turns any company's logo into a multimedia portal simple by letting a consumer snap a picture.
And for those of you plying the content marketing space, look to visual content marketing, i.e., using images to drive brand awareness/commerce. Look no further than the fastest-growing social networks — Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr — to understand why – LogoGrab.
Yahoo Finance
LogoGrab, the world's best technology to identify brands in images and videos.
J. Walter Thompson Intelligence
As a brand, advertiser, or any business, you need to be able to understand what happens with that content in order to either measure or monetize it.
Irish Examiner
Winning the Irish Software Association Emerging Company of the Year Award has helped Dublin company LogoGrab see 2016 out with a bang.
Irish Times
Through two years of R&D at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, whose graduates include Albert Einstein, the technology required to make instant brand image recognition possible has come about.
LogoGrabs tool allows consumers access product information and offers by scanning a brand logo on their smartphone.



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