Brand Insights for the Visual Age

Go beyond conventional text-based social listening to reveal a pin-sharp view of your brand in the real world

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360° tracking of visual content on social

The only insights product which gives you a complete and quantitative view of brand presence in images-only content.

Sponsorship monitoring and enhancement

Track and measure impact of sponsorships in a way which has never been possible before.

Identify user-generated content

Find valuable but ‘hidden’ user-generated content. Connect with the social media users who like to ‘hero’ your brand.

Competitive brand tracking

Benchmark your brand against any number of competitors to see who comes out on top.


Insights from images & video

Find brand insights in any image, video, GIF or Instagram – or a combination of all.


Quantitative insights

Get the full, quantitative picture from the best logo hit rate on the market. Don’t rely on amateur snapshots.


Access any channel

Take advantage of scale: get insights from any social media channel or online source.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Simple API integration

Connect to LogoGrab API. Reach full detection capability within minutes. Integrate seamlessly into your existing interface.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Fully customisable dashboard

Get actionable insights from across sources via a fully customisable dashboard.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Huge brand catalogue

Choose which brands to monitor from our logo library of 10,000+ brands.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Brand activation in minutes

Any logo, activated and detectable anywhere within three minutes.


3x Hit Rate

LogoGrab has been independently benchmarked as having the highest recall on the market.


3x Precision

LogoGrab has been independently benchmarked as having the highest precision on the market.


3x Speed

LogoGrab can activate any new logo and reach full detection capability within minutes.

Find Brand Insights in images

See where your brand and products are shared online.

Customer – Nestlé
API Client - MEC Global
Customer – Coca Cola