Counterfeit Detection

Find counterfeit products listed on any online marketplace more efficiently
using quality identification, tracking and reporting.

Brand Protection

Ensure a brand is protected from fraudulent or suspect content using a simple and fast API integration.

Brand Detection API - Retail Intellegence

LogoGrab Brand Detection API

LogoGrab Brand Detection API is built for scale to reduce manual input and produce quality results for your users.

Brand Detection API - Retail Intellegence


Simple integration

Start quickly. Connect to LogoGrab API. Reach full detection capability within minutes. Integrate seamlessly into your existing interface.


New brand activation in minutes

Any logo activated and detectable anywhere within three minutes.


Built for scale

Works across any volume of content. Over 100 billion pieces of content analysed to date.

The market for Counterfeit & Pirated goods has been growing at between 15%-22% annually since 2008
– OECD Report
API Client - Earshot
  API Client - ebay
  API Client - Brandwatch