LogoGrab Mobile Engagement

Create more interactions and deliver rewards by connecting all your products and assets to mobile and digital.

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Delivery of offers and content on mobile

Give your consumers and fans rewards by serving offers and relevant content - in one highly engaging action, with no app required.

Sponsorship and event activation

Take advantage of user engagement around key events. Turn fans into consumers.

Mobile activation of products and ads

Connect any ad, product or other offline brand asset to branded content. Serve it directly to a consumer’s mobile device.

Brand engagement:
offline to digital

Complement offline marketing with the best mobile engagement technology available - proven to increase sales for global brands.


No app required

No app download required. Works entirely on mobile web.


Global activation

Geolocate to one city, activate across the nation or switch on a truly global campaign.


End-to-end brand experience

Finally, a mobile experience that’s as good as your brand. 100% customisable look and content.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Connect offline to online

Connect products, adverts and other assets to online content and offers.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Works on any smartphone or tablet

Works on any device – ensuring your campaigns touch more consumers, more of the time.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Ad retargeting

The world’s first offline starting point for ad retargeting – to remind consumers what’s great about your brand.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Flexibility and relevant content

Switch content in and out – and tailor it based on location, time of day or product.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Fast setup

Connect offline logos instantly, get campaigns moving fast.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Works on any network

Lightweight system delivers content even on slower networks.

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Brand activation in minutes

Any logo, product or artwork - activated and detectable anywhere within three minute.

Better than any other redemption tool we have used.
James Bond – global campaign activations

Increase sales with Mobile Engagement

Connect all your products and assets to mobile and digital.

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