Automated Retail Intelligence

Reduce the level of manual input and run store audits more efficiently by
detecting share of shelf, out of stock, planograms and improper positioning of products.

Retail Intelligence Automation

Identify void spaces on the shelf and accurately detect and count front-facing products at category, range, brand or SKU level.

Brand Detection API - Retail Intellegence

LogoGrab Brand Detection API

LogoGrab Brand Detection API automatically recognizes products from standard images taken in-store at scale, with high precision and fast detection results.

Brand Detection API - Retail Intellegence

LogoGrab Quantitative Insights

Logo and product/SKU detection

Find logos at scale – and identify individual product types for even greater business value.


Adaptive Learning Engine

Proprietary LogoGrab Adaptive Learning Engine has been independently benchmarked to provide a cumulative Hit Rate, Precision and Speed 10x higher than the closest competitor.


Built for scale

Works across any volume of content. Over 100 billion pieces of content analysed to date.

Consumer goods manufactures are using AI platforms, like image recognition, to gather data which can deliver actionable insights to help identify the optimal shelf positioning of products, the trends of the shelf, availability and the performance of rival brands.
– Total Retail
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