Social Media Monitoring

Deliver more accurate consumer insights and monitor any shared piece of content
by integrating LogoGrab logo detection API into your existing platform

Visual content is surpassing textual content

LogoGrab’s logo detection API powers leading Social Media Monitoring platforms using our patented AI to find logos and marks in any volume of social media images, videos, and GIFs.

What do you get?

The most effective and scalable logo detection service available, integrated into your existing Social Media Monitoring platform.

What do your customers get?

The most accurate visual data analysis and valuable consumer insights from your platform.

Social Media Monitoring logo detection

How LogoGrab powers leading Social Media Monitoring platforms

The most effective logo detection

Get the highest detection rates

The proprietary LogoGrab Adaptive Learning Engine provides the highest Precision and Recall rates available in both images and video content.

Built for scale, any volume

The LogoGrab logo detection API is designed to consistently deliver the highest detection results available at scale across any volume of data in any visual format.

Instant logo activation

LogoGrab’s unique logo activation engine can activate any global/regional logo or unique mark on its platform at the highest levels of detection within 3 minutes.

Powering your Monitoring Platform

Extract true and meaningful insights

Get the most accurate and comprehensive visual insights to enhance the quality of your product and deliver a verifiable ROI for your customers.

Deliver the full picture

Monitor any volume of data from any number of sources, not just subsets, without ever compromising on quality.

Deliver outstanding customer service

  • Deliver real-time product demonstrations
  • Onboard customers immediately
  • React to customer requests for new logo activations immediately