Unleash the power of brands in images and video

Add value to your product and automate complex business challenges. LogoGrab Brand Detection API integrates easily into your existing product or platform from day one. Get the best logo hit rate, speed and scalability on the market.

Brand Detection for the Visual Age

The visual age has arrived. Go beyond tags and text mentions to find bigger, better brand insights in images and video. Get a pin-sharp view of your logo in the real world. See exactly how your brands, products and occasions are performing. Don’t wait for people to talk first.

LogoGrab API

Brand protection to minimize business risks

Run logo detection on any online marketplace or product database. Identify suspect listings. Ensure brands appear in the right place at the right time - and act fast to remove counterfeit or non-compliant content.

LogoGrab API

Automated retail Intelligence

Run store audits more efficiently at scale using product and SKU detection to monitor stock availability. Reduce the level of manual input and analysis needed: LogoGrab API automatically recognises products from standard images taken in-store. Works effectively at category, range, product or SKU level.

LogoGrab API

Flexibility for multiple use cases

Run multiple client use cases to gain visual insights – from sports or event sponsorship to brand protection – all from a single API integration. Build results seamlessly into your existing interface. Package insights easily into brand scores or benchmarks.

MLogoGrab API

Quantitative visual insights create long-term value

Get the full picture with quantitative visual insights – rather than a basic qualitative snapshot. Identify and act on real trends to deliver long-term value for your clients. Create a new premium revenue stream from day one.

LogoGrab API

Highest hit rate, speed and scalability

LogoGrab has been independently benchmarked as having a combined hit rate, precision and speed 10x better than the closest competitor. Scale rapidly across any volume of images and brands. Activate any new logo and reach full detection capability within minutes.

LogoGrab API

Earshot Logo
LogoGrab’s 3x times higher precision rate means that the tiniest logo can be found even in the most difficult circumstances

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