Built specifically for logos and marks from day one

LogoGrab's patented AI technology was built by former Google researchers who developed some of Google’s core Image Recognition technologies.

More than 84% of online communication is visual

We deliver the best Artificial Intelligence technology to monetize and measure it.


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Extensive library of global and regional brands and marks to access from day one.


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Activate any new logo or mark to its maximum detection performance in only 3 minutes.


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Unlimited data volume processing with our horizontal scalability.

Precision & Recall

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We deliver 98.7% precision at up to 99% recall depending on your use-case need.

Images and Video

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Find logos and marks in an any volume of images, videos, and GIFs.


Logo Placement

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Detect the object on which logos are placed.


What makes our technology unique?

Adaptive Learning Engine (ALE)

Our patented training algorithm requires only 3 minutesto activate any new logo or mark at its peak performance. All you need to do is deliver the name and website of the brands you wish to detect - either via an API call or simple support request.

A variety of settings to better suit your use-case

We help you set up your personalized production environment in order to extract the data that is most relevant to you at the best performance levels.

Logo detection for Visual Data Monitization


Detect logos covering down to only 0.01% of the full image size.

Logo detection for Visual Data Monitization

High Perspective Tolerance (HPT)

Detect logos with up to 70 degree perspective effect.

Logo detection for Visual Data Monitization

Managed on-premises

We understand that sometimes data needs to run exclusively on your infrastructure.

Logo detection for Visual Data Monitization

Programmed vs. elastic volumes

Process fixed streams of data to optimize your costs, or use an elastic infrastructure for volatile data volumes.